I, Dipankan



I'm Dipankan, an undergraduate electronics engineer and a regular blogger. I am interested in a wide domain of topics- ranging from macro-economic theory to policy analysis, to introduction of various technology which helps in overall advancement of the humankind.

If our interests match, be sure to send me a message from the contact tab in this blog. I'll be most eager to interact with you.

This is me, yes, perenially smiling!
This is me, yes, perenially smiling!

What now?

Dear visitor, welcome to my space. You can either contact me via Facebook, or you can mail me at my email (provided in the contact tab). I also happen to maintain two blogs, of which this is the personal one. If you are interested to read on my views on things which concern me from time to time, click the button by the side. Mind you, the personal blog is infrequently updated, so prior apologies!

If you want to visit my other blog, which is Politics Now, which is frequently updated, you are most welcome! That blog concerns policy analysis and thoughts on the nation.