I, Dipankan


Preparing for a freshman year

All over the world, the seasons at the start of the year, spanning from February to May, is somewhat mundane. In India, however, this is the time for the exam season- flooding overwhelmingly with undergraduate admission processes pan-India. Millions of students apply for colleges and everyone is made to undergo the heat through various competitive examinations held to determine the merit of the student. It has been a hectic season so far for me, but I’ve secured admission in one of the premier private colleges of Eastern India, KIIT- Bhubaneswar.

KIIT Main Campus (Campus 6)

I’ve always wanted to fiddle with the radios, explore how devices really worked, and from my childhood it was my unfortunate habit to tweak with the setup. This is why I’ve taken up electronics engineering at the institute. I expect the next four years to be a rollercoster of a ride- bringing in new experiences, knowledge, internship opportunities, and a plethora of other similar activities. I would for sure, miss home- as they say, home is where the heart is!

While most of my friends have already been through with the packing and planning, I’ve checked only one of the boxes so far- that of planning. My packing is in shambles; I will need to go and get it done at the earliest. Considering the fact that I do not have much time left for my stay in my home state (West Bengal), I had a pretty busy schedule last week- meeting people, getting together, birthday parties, and the list is unending!

Wish me luck as I step out for a new venture ahead.

Why this revamp?

For people who followed my earlier blogs, this is definitely a marked change. IIS-India was my very first blog, the one which I had started in 2012. It has grown exponentially now and has a staggering view counter of nearly 260,000 viewers. This is definitely a big number on all fronts. However, IIS-India lacked a key ingredient: finesse. As I had initially started out with Google’s own in-bred platform Blogger, which offered very limited templates and customisation abilities- I was to say, constrained at best. I, being the person I am, would prefer professionalism over profit any day!

And thus I took the leap to professionalism.

This revamped look which offers a minimalist theme has been curated to exclusively focus only on the content. Content, as they say, reigns supreme. I, Dipankan- the blog- will be my personal forum where I would blog on a lot of topics that interest me. If you are here because you would like to read my articles on politics and the associated conundrum- it is located at Politics Now.

I sincerely welcome you aboard the journey to discovering the everyday, once again!