I, Dipankan

Why this revamp?

For people who followed my earlier blogs, this is definitely a marked change. IIS-India was my very first blog, the one which I had started in 2012. It has grown exponentially now and has a staggering view counter of nearly 260,000 viewers. This is definitely a big number on all fronts. However, IIS-India lacked a key ingredient: finesse. As I had initially started out with Google’s own in-bred platform Blogger, which offered very limited templates and customisation abilities- I was to say, constrained at best. I, being the person I am, would prefer professionalism over profit any day!

And thus I took the leap to professionalism.

This revamped look which offers a minimalist theme has been curated to exclusively focus only on the content. Content, as they say, reigns supreme. I, Dipankan- the blog- will be my personal forum where I would blog on a lot of topics that interest me. If you are here because you would like to read my articles on politics and the associated conundrum- it is located at Politics Now.

I sincerely welcome you aboard the journey to discovering the everyday, once again!

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